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Private Client Management

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Private Client Management


We are able to provide holistic planning, where we give an overview of our clients entire financial situation, or alternatively we can advise on specific matters where they require help immediately.



The range of services we offer to our clients include:



- Retirement Advice

- Investment Planning

- Inheritance Tax

- Long Term Care Provision

- Personal & Family Protection

- Pension Planning

- Tax Deferral Schemes




Retirement Advice


We are able to provide help, advice and a thorough explanation of all the options available at retirement. Only fully independent advice will do at this important point in an individuals life.


Arrangements we consider include:


- Annuities - Conventional, Investment Linked, Flexible Lifetime Plan, Enhanced Annuity, Phased/Staggered

- Drawdown - Flexible and Capped, Phased, Via SIPP




Investment Planning


To provide advice to ensure that you are not taking undue risk and to maximise the tax efficiency of your lump sum and regular savings.


We assist in:


- Establishing an investment strategy

- Portfolio planning

- Reviewing existing funds




Inheritance Tax Solutions


Advice is provided to ensure that as much of your estate as possible passes to your chosen beneficiaries and not to the Exchequer.




Long Term Care Provision


We assist clients and their families with advice on care needs and assessing and providing for their long term financial requirements, taking into account benefits provided by the state.




Personal & Family Protection


We help to ensure that both you and your family can maintain your standard of living in the event of premature death or illness.




Pension Planning


Advice is offered on the many options available to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle in your retirement. We assess your current arrangements and put a long-term plan together for you.


These may include:


- Personal/Stakeholder Pensions

- Retirement Annuities

- Executive Pensions

- Occupational Pensions






Tax Deferral Schemes


We provide advice and assistance when you wish to defer the payment of Capital Gains Tax or simple save Income Tax.


The following arrangements will be considered, amongst others:


- Venture Capital Trusts (VCT)

- Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)