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Corporate Clients
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Corporate Client Advice


A company's most valuable asset is its people. Keeping and motivating these people is one of the most important tasks a management team can perform. The future success of the business can depend upon it. Putting the right rewards package in place and communicating it effectively to staff is fundamental to attracting and retaining your key employees.


We are happy to provide advice on any of the issues detailed on the menu below, or alternatively we can put a full benefits package together for you.


The services most commonly requested are:


- Pension Plans

- Protection Arrangements

- Medical Schemes

- Director & Shareholders Cover

- Private Client Clinics




Pension Plans


We have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the major insurers, pension providers, administrators and fund managers. Using this knowledge we can guide you towards the provider that best suits your needs.




Protection Arrangements


The cost of protection arrangements continually changes with new product launches, new providers entering the market and existing providers making strategic decisions as to whether they are under or over exposed in the market. Our work in this area and our ability to help you manage risk can secure significant cost savings and ensure that you have the most appropriate cover.




Medical Schemes


Companies experiencing absenteeism and increased staff health problems can benefit from these schemes. Using Business Partners, strategies can be designed to turn this problem around and create a better workplace and more effective and motivated workforce.




Director & Shareholder Cover


To lose a director, partner or other key employee as a result of death or major illness can have a major impact on a business. We ensure this area is addressed and not overlooked.




Private Client Clinics


As part of any benefits package that you offer your staff, Aspect Financial Solutions can provide your employees with a Personal Financial Review service.


Typically we advise employees falling into one of four categories within your company:


Current Employee

Where we provide an overview of the benefits that the employer provides and then check that all of their other requirements have been considered and addressed.


New Employee

As above, plus covering any benefits that they may have inherited or lost from their previous employment.


Employee Leaving

As above, plus looking at options to continue current benefits and consider those offered in their new position.


Employee Retiring

When your employees retire, they need to ensure that they have looked after all their financial needs for the future. With retirement planning it is best to ensure that their pension and investment plans are correctly positioned to provide them with the necessary income, in the most tax efficient manner, and ensure these plans are suitable for their new lifestyle and their new attitude to investment risk. Auditing and reviewing these plans before retirement is always advisable so your employees can enjoy their retirement with peace of mind.