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Bespoke Independent Financial Advice



Aspect Financial Solutions offers bespoke financial planning and advisory services for high net worth individuals and professional sportspeople. We understand the needs created by the sports that our clients compete in and the professions that they work in.


Our job is to communicate these needs in an understandable and easy to action format, so you can take educated action based on full, impartial and independent advice. We do not aim to dazzle you with our impressive technical knowledge or befuddle you with a myriad of options. We simply aim to provide you with the crystal clear information that you need to make important decisions about your future.


We typically advise 3 main types of client:


- The client who has existing advisers and wants to use us as a sounding board, second opinion or sanity check.

- The client whose adviser can cover some, but not all, areas of planning. We then advise on the remainder.

- Full service clients, where we advise, plan and implement bespoke arrangements.


Our process is both painless and simple.


- We gather the data we need by meeting with you and collecting relevant documentation.

- We produce the report.

- We then meet to discuss its contents and how you may wish to action the recommendations.


We hope we can welcome you on board.